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Why choosing a Cantoni Make-up Station?

Cantoni invented its make-up cases over 20 years ago.The makeup trolley case with lights and legs has been a worldwide success. Today the market is full of copies and attempts to emulate them.

When you are choosing how to equip your own make-up station, it becomes really difficult to figure out what is best. 

Why then choose a Cantoni product? 


Light make-up studios


The Cantoni cases are the lightest mobile make-up workstations: we know how important it is the handling of the work equipment for the those working on the move. We have also developed a wide product range, in order to guarantee to every professional the most appropriate equipment .

durability of make-up studios


The Cantoni cases last decades: our first customers send us photos with their Cantoni, purchased 15-20 years ago, and they are still perfect. 

We also guarantee the continuity of supplies, and prompt responses to requests for support.

Spare parts always available for Cantoni make-up studios


Cantoni is a factory: this means that we design and produces our own makeup cases, mirrors, chairs and mobile workstations for makeup artists.

The careful selection of raw materials and components guarantees the long working life of the products. Cantoni guarantees that spare parts for the various products will be available for at least ten years and that the after-sales service is always efficient.

Exclusive light system engineered for make-up professionals


The Cantoni lighting system it's the one and only designed specifically for the make-up art. The distance between the light points,  the right colour temperature of 4200 Kelvin, the safety of the system, the uniformity, the duration and the stability of the light emission: wWe have studied and analysed every single detail of this special light for makeup and we have called it I-light.

Forget about the old bulbs: you will always have with you the perfect morning light.

Open and close the make-up studios in seconds


professional product must meet specific needs as well as having an attractive appearance. 

Our makeup stations can be  easily opened and closed in 30 seconds, with no efforts,  thanks to the integrated telescopic leg system, patented and unique, and thanks to the I-light system with no bulbs.  

Having a Professional image


Working with an original Cantoni workstation guarantees, together with the quality of your work, a strong impression on the customer: style , order, cleanliness, safety , speed, efficiency.

Cantoni products  raise the profile of the make-up artists, developing the most effective professional equipment to support his/her artistic talent and technical skills.

security certificate UE and US for Cantoni make-up stations and mirrors


All the Cantoni products are certified in accordance with European and international standards: materials, electrical system, mirror. 

Not only: the light and the legs are covered by European patent. That is why you can be sure that they are unmatched. 

Having a safe product, for you and the customer, is priceless. 

Good price-quality


The price of Cantoni products is similar  than that of low-quality ones that you find everywhere (Alibaba or eBay but also well-known cosmetic brands sell products of low commercial value, imported from the east: NYX or AX PARIS are two of the best-known examples). 

Cantoni grants a great equilibrium between quality and price because we design, manufacture and sell directly. The price is a factory price.

We want to allow to every makeup artist to buy a quality product.

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