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Becoming a PRO make-up artist: two hints

The way to become a professional make-up artist, commonly referred with the acronym PRO MUA, it's very hard. The passion and the talent, sometimes, seem do not suffice. We have resolved to collect here some good advice we think could be of help. For example, had you ever thought how much your past experiences are relevant to obtain a good new assignment? And what about the way you present yourself?  We can find out how to make the best possible use of them.

Practice, Practice and Practice again to become a PRO MUA 

A good make-up school is important. Yes. But, then, practising hours are the base of your success as a makeup artist. So you must keep on with trying, experimenting and doing as much practice as you can before stepping in as a PRO. Test the level of your skills working with very different themes and people. Try to work in the most varied conditions of light and environment. Do your makeup works on women and on men. If you want to become a real Pro Mua, you must be ready to work in every situation.

Two steps on how to become a professional Make up Artist To step in as a Pro MUA, you must test and try your skills.

Shoots the subject before and after work, preferably in the same position: on the one hand, you will find out quickly any issues to improve and, on the other, you will realize how much the yield of your make-up shifts in front of the camera. You know,  for sure, that the yield of the make-up varies a lot on the lights. It is said, usually, that almost a half of the make-up is 'blown away' by the flash and the artificial lights.

[scuola make-up] A good make-up school really matters. Also, the chairs are very important for your health and the customer's.

Think to subscribe and attend a good make-up school. To choose the best, inform you, prior to the registration, about the study program and the styles of make-up as to which you will be prepared (photography makeup, fashion makeup, special effects, bridal makeup ...). Visit the school and observe carefully what kind of lights, mirrors, seats and makeup products the school provides to pupils. Ask if the training program provides hours of experience on the ground and ride-along collaborations with experienced makeup artists. If the school is a good standard one and the experiences on the ground are consistent, you will be much easier to find work.

Focus your purchases on the real essentials 

Keep in mind: you are a PRO. So, please, don't compulsively buy each silly accessory and product: choose with attention, read online and ask opinions before to buy the latest in makeup. The best make-up artists work with few but trustworthy products and accessories: they know how these products yield in every condition so they can work with absolute confidence about the results. You must choose high-quality, professional products and brands; a good starting point, if you don't have a clear idea, is taking inspiration from the greatest make-up artists. Then, try to find your personal best way there are different schools of thought on a lot of subjects (e.g. using brushes vs. fingers on the face to put on concealers and foundations), but only trying different techniques and products you will discover your personal way.

Postazione trucco Cantoni Professional Make-up station composed of a mobile make-up case with pro lights, and a zooming little mirror for your customer.

Spare no expense, however, for the purchase of your first make-up stationIt will be the centrepiece of your business, a targeted investment that will allow you to deal successfully and with the right image to the challenges of this profession.

Choose a make-up station with the mobile trolley and professional light, durable and well-structured. Orient your choice towards a recognized brand that represents you from the first glance as a professional make-up and beauty artist. In this way, your presence will gain significance, your cosmetics and tools will be protected and hygienic and you will self-confidently work and travel in every circumstance.

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