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From orange makeup to bronde hair, but also breast lift: here are the trends of summer 2014.

The summer solstice has just passed, and summer has officially began. Sun, sea and salt rule, filling the beauty cases of sunscreen and typical summer products.

But what's new this summer 2014? Here are the trends to look always  amazing during the hot summer nights ahead.


trucco orange


 Orange make-up – Orange will be the color of summer 2014. After the red lipsticks, who wants to be fashionable in the hot season, will have to opt for orange lips! Not only, the orange dominates from eye shadows to nails, and also the blush. But be careful: if a detail can be very cool, the total look in orange is strongly discouraged. If you opt for a nice neon orange lipstick, it is best to choose a light makeup on the eyes and vice versa: with orange eyeshadows, which instantly brighten the face, it is advisable to opt for natural lip tones. And do not forget the matching nails, strictly fiery orange.

In order to keep your makeup safe and perfect, and  to prevent melt or damages even in the days of scorching heat, Cantoni has created a series of Professional Makeup Cases with a thermal pocket that allows the insertion of a chilled plate. To save the cosmetics of make-up artists always on the go .. but also for your holidays on the beach!




Bronde - After shatush, with its nuances that have captivated millions of women around the world, offering many variations on the two-tone theme, here's the new hair trend 2014. It's called “Bronde”, a mix of brown and blonde, a word created to define a rich color with shades ranging from caramel to dark blonde, for a natural, but very glam look.

And if you are a professional in this industry, take a look at the Cantoni stations for hairstylists: their I-light system offers a perfect light, truly similar to the natural one, which does not alter the shades of color!




Breast lift - For those who are not afraid to ask the plastic surgeon for a younger  look, but don’t want additional implants, the latest trend is called mastopexy. Also called Breast lift, in the United States has experienced a great success in 2013, recording more than 140-thousand interventions, 10-thousand in Italy. This is not the classic breast augmentation, but an intervention that allows you to raise the volume of natural breast, removing the excess skin, which is often a problem after heavy weight loss, or pregnancy. It is, however, a surgical operation, with all the risks involved, certainly not to be underestimated.

Whatever the make-up trends you choose will be, Cantoni wishes everyone a wonderful summer 2014, remembering that beauty is also to love yourself as you are ... even with some flaws!



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