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Hi girls, welcome to the beauty column by L'Esteta Risponde  (‘The Aesthete answers’) about the most glamorous beauty trends of the moment!

Today I want to tell you about a product that, in my opinion, is the real “jack of all trades” summer make-up: the sheer illuminating fluid or powder.


There are now many cosmetics of this kind; all the brands, from the cheapest to the most expensive, have their own proposal.

Whether creamy stick or powder formulation, the sheer illuminator has many advantages in the makeup of the hot season.


Let's see what they are:

1) first of all, it is a multi-use product that can be used on different areas of the body. On the cheekbones to give three-dimensionality to the face, but also to highlight the eyebrows arch and the inner corner of the eye; it can also be applied over the upper lip to give a plumping effect and on décolleté, to give a "push up" optical illusion!


illuminante 4

2) The creamy formulations are easy to apply and blend with your fingers. Just take one with you in your holidays beauty case, together with bronzer, eye pencil and mascara, and you’ll have everything you need in an airport weight-control proof case!


3) It naturally enhances your tan, giving the skin an irresistible shimmer allure!



4) You can wear it on the beach or at sunset for your aperitif under the beach umbrella! You'll be perfect from the morning until the mojito time, without getting back home!


5) It 's the make-up used by celebrities for their perfect selfies when they are outdoor and do not have access to professional lights: try it to believe it!


Which texture should I choose? It depends on your skin type.

The creamy ones are certainly more suitable for those who have a normal to dry skin; powders for those who have a combination skin with a tendency to become oily.

illuminante viso

Just be careful with glitters, which inevitably tend to accentuate imperfections.

The colours range from delicate pearl with a cool undertone, perfect for the lightest complexions, to the sweet caramel for people who love extreme tanning.

I have already choosen my sheer illuminator for summer 2014: and you?


Carlotta Stacchini – L'Esteta Risponde




Carlotta Stacchini2


How would I describe myself in a few words?

I am a very sociable and sunny person - a characteristic that often emerges from my articles –, I am positive and very determined.

Writing is my greatest passion and I take care of my blog since 2010 with extreme professionalism, a feature that I put in all the things I do.

I would love to have the chance to write for different websites, because it would be a great growth opportunity and because I find it very exciting to get to know new and different worlds.

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