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Hi girls, and welcome to the column by L'Esteta Risponde!

Today I will share with you 5 easy tricks to make your hard-won summer tan last longer , 5 keywords that will allow you to make your skin look more luminous, hydrated and naturally tanned.

Are you ready? Let's go!


1)   HYDRATE. A moisturized skin is a skin which does not peel off, it does not dry out, and appears smooth and bright. Hydration begins from within, through a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and with at least 1.5 litres of water everyday. Do as I do: a bottle always at your fingertips, in your bag or on display on the desk! As body treatments, choose rich lotions that pamper the skin. At this time of year, those based on shea butter are my favorite! You can also keep using your after-sun products, because their formulations contain a lot of moisturizing agents and emollients.


2)    EXFOLIATE. The weekly scrub  is one essential step in the skincare summer routine , because it removes dead skin cells and helps to tan evenly. Do not be afraid to take away the tan with microgranules of the exfoliating scrub, it will remove only the worst part of the tan!



3)    COOL DOWN. Yes, you read that right! I refer to the water jet of the shower, which at this time of year should not be too hot. The hot water, in fact, facilitates a too rapid cell turnover, and the same goes for long hot baths.


4)    CONTINUE. Of course, we are no longer in July, but the sun is still strong enough, and 20 minutes a day can keep a golden complexion naturally. A suggestion? Lunch break outdoors or a walk on the beach - for those who can!



5)     HELP. Even if we keep going to the beach, we cannot expect to get the same results that we would have at the beginning of the season. That is why, we must help our skin to make the most of the tan we have got. How? By using suntan oils even when we are not exposed directly to the sun (remember that we get tanned even when we walk down the street, for example on the way to work!), preferring products that stimulate the production of melanin and adding a few drops of the self-tanning cream to  your everyday body lotion: the  natural glow effect is guaranteed!

Carlotta Stacchini – L'Esteta Risponde




Carlotta Stacchini2


How would I describe myself in a few words?

I am a very sociable and sunny person - a characteristic that often emerges from my articles –, I am positive and very determined.

Writing is my greatest passion and I take care of my blog since 2010 with extreme professionalism, a feature that I put in all the things I do.

I would love to have the chance to write for different websites, because it would be a great growth opportunity and because I find it very exciting to get to know new and different worlds.

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