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We often hear about "Contouring" an important, but challenging, chiaroscuro technique that allows you to sculpt and give volume to the face through the lights and shadows.

When a makeup artist decides to sculpt the face by contouring it, he will give three-dimensionality to the face, applying the lights and shadows in the right places and always taking into account the face shape, always in a very cautious and careful way, in order to avoid stains.


cilindro zigomo

First of all, it is helpful to underline that the contouring should be performed preferably with cream and strictly matt products, and then be fixed with transparent powder.


The light colour gives prominence and "widens" the surfaces because it brings out; the dark colour makes objects smaller, because it optically takes back.

For example, a lighter chin appears more prominent, while lightening the center of the forehead will give the face a more open expression.





Method of Application 

With the help of a finger, identify the part of the cheekbone, or zygomatic bone.

Generally, you should starts from the center of the ear, applying the dark color under the cheekbone, as shown in the picture (fig. A).

The light color, instead, will be applied on top of the back of the zygomatic bone. (fig. B)

Roberta Anzaldi, Make-up Artist



Roberta Anzaldi-piccola3

Roberta Anzaldi is a Make-up artist graduated from the famous International School Make-Up Designory.

Specializing in corrective makeup, bridal makeup, and fashion makeup. She collaborates with fashion and entertainment agencies, and she always puts her heart and soul into her work.

Her motto is: 'any form of art, work and profession becomes a masterpiece, if it’s the product of love and passion.'

Every time I create a new makeup, I feel butterflies in my stomach!







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