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Concealers are used to disguise or hide an unwanted area, such as dark circles, a birthmark or even the damned pimples.

It’s important, however, before choosing a concealer, to have an understanding of the color theory, in order to hide then successfully problematic areas with discoloration.



According to the color theory, there are three primary colors: blue, yellow and red, or more precisely, yellow, cyan and magenta.

They have this name because they occur in nature and thus cannot be obtained by mixing other colors.

Then, there are the secondary colors: orange, purple and green, which are obtained by mixing two primary colors.

Yellow + Red = Orange
Yellow + Blue = Green
Red + Blue = Purple

Finally there are the tertiary colors or intermediate colors, which are obtained by mixing a primary color with the secondary.


So, when we want to hide or neutralize dark circles that are mostly blue, we will choose an orange concealer.

If our area to hide tends to purple, we will use a yellow concealer.

If our spot is red, we will use a green concealer.




There are different types of concealers, both liquid and creamy; however, if the area to be corrected does not show up in the colors we have mentioned above, you should use a concealer of the same color of the skin or lighter.





The tip of the make-up artist: the secret to a good result is to blend always the concealer with the foundation used for the base. Proceed only on the affected areas and blend it well.

Use a small paintbrush or apply concealer with your fingers (ring finger is the best), dabbing on the area to be covered; if you like, fix it with the face powder.


Roberta Anzaldi, Make-up Artist



Roberta Anzaldi-piccola3


Roberta Anzaldi is a Make-up artist graduated from the famous International School Make-Up Designory.

Specializing in corrective makeup, bridal makeup, and fashion makeup. She collaborates with fashion and entertainment agencies, and she always puts her heart and soul into her work.

Her motto is: 'any form of art, work and profession becomes a masterpiece, if it’s the product of love and passion.'

Every time I create a new makeup, I feel butterflies in my stomach!




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