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Here we are: Cantoni’s  make-up contest is over!

Thanks everybody for taking part in our competition for make-up lovers.

Here are the names of the winners:

Michela Perfigli - Hawaii - Makeup



1st Place: Michela Perfigli - #Hawaii – 239 likes

Michela wins an aluminum beauty box for professional makeup by Cantoni.




Emanuele Castelli - Morocco - Makeup




2nd Place: Emanuele Castelli - #Morocco – 115 likes

Emanuele wins a Cantoni aluminum case with lipstick print.




Roberta Anzaldi - Dubai - Makeup




3rd Place: Roberta Anzaldi - #Dubai – 92 likes

Roberta wins a Cantoni makeup artist brush belt.




contest makeup




Congratulations to the winners and a big thanks to all the participants!


Have a look to all the ethnic make-up works of art here:

Melania Palmiero - #Egypt:

Giulia Giorgi - #Japan:

Samantha - #Brasil:

Samantha - #Sahara:

Nina Iannone - #Transylvania:

Nina Iannone - #Alaska:

Nina Iannone - #Paris:

Mehnaz Khan - #India:

Mehnaz Khan - #India:

Valentina Di Cicco - #Japan:

Valentina Di Cicco - #Egypt:

Ilaria Girolami - #MiddleEast:

Evilsmile Gabry - #Egypt:

Evilsmile Gabry - #Japan:

Vittoria Bergamasco - #Holland:

Maria Centamore - #Asia:

Maria Centamore - #Mexico:

Giorgia Melis - #Turkey:

Chloé Binachon - #India:

Chloé Binachon - #Tahiti:


Stay tuned for more make-up contests and giveaways!

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