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Hello everyone!

Today I want to tell you about a subject that is close to my heart, which is violence against women. You might say, "Yes, how is it related to make-up?" Now I'll explain.

Since the world of make-up has become the passion of my life, I started to see different ways of creating a new make-up, from the simple ones to the most complicated, until  facepainting, bodypainting and handpainting.

From that moment, I realized that the makeup is not just a passion, but also a real form of art. As well as having the power to correct flaws, giving vent to creativity and imagination, and learning to use various techniques , it also has a strong communicative factor.

Given this characteristic, which I think is often "obscured" and not used properly, I decided to use it for a helpful purpose, that is to say NO TO VIOLENCE!

I had this idea for some time and a few days ago I decided to implement it. Unfortunately, we often hear lately about and acts of harassment and violence , so I decided to raise awareness in a way that is a little different.

I hope this make-up could be a warning to all women, and people in general, who suffer abuse and violence. I would like to make it clear that we must say NO and report everything before it becomes too late. No one deserves violence, that's why I say NO!

Foto Vania Moi - Violenza

As you can see, half of the face has a traditional make-up, while the other half as if I had been abused. This serves to show that the bruises and blood on the face of a woman, or of any human being, must not exist.

To achieve the "beaten" look I used a purple eyeshadow, eyeshadow mixed with a very dark burgundy and a pinch of blue eyeshadow, I applied everything with fingers and then blend it with a gradient brush.

On the other hand, I created a make-up using the mineral foundation, a concealer for dark circles, I filled my eyebrows with a specific product, I applied a light pink eyeshadow on the eyelid and the eye and a purple eyeshadow externally. I put a blush on the cheeks and a pink lipstick.

I hope you like my idea and that it will be useful to improve. Goodbye and thank you. Remember, let's say NO TO VIOLENCE!

Vania Moi, Beauty Blogger

Day Dreaming Make Up:



Foto Vania-piccola

Hello everyone! My name is Vania, I am a cheerful, sociable, friendly person, with a lot of imagination and creativity.

Make up is for me a source from which I draw new ideas, a way to indulge my creativity. At the moment, it is just a passion but I hope it will become my job.

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