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Hi girls, welcome back to the column by L'Esteta Risponde!

Today we talk about manicure and some tricks I use to make my favorite nail polish last longer!

manicure3I start by saying that I am a huge fan of nail polish and I love getting a manicure. It's a moment of pure relaxation, which can often make your day better!

I love to combine different colors to clothing, accessories or, more simply, to the season.

Unfortunately, many external factors can affect the brilliance and integrity of your nail lacquer: water, soaps and detergents, small chores are in fact enemies to your hands, but with some small details you will see that you are going to succeed in the enterprise - not impossible! - of your favorite nail polish to last at least 6-7 days!


How? Let's see!

1)    The first thing I can tell you is not to neglect any of the essencial smaltosteps of manicure. If you think the base coat and top coat are useless products, well: try to use them once and then we'll have a chat! Applying a good quality clear base will protect nails from a premature yellowing due to the color pigments of the nail polish. A good top coat, instead, will make a difference in terms of gloss and durability, even on the cheapest lacquer!

2)    Considering products for nail care and nail polish, you should apply at least 3 or 4 layers of products, so the second tip is to allow yourself a bit of time and let dry each passage at least a couple of minutes. This little hint will ensure the layers melt perfectly without remaining soft and avoiding the risk of imperfections on the nails.

3)   The various layers of nail polish must never be too thick. It's better an irregular first pass than a generous layer of color in a single step, which, however, will take a long time to dry out!

top coat4)     At the end of the manicure, you can speed up the process of drying your lacquer with the appropriate fixing products. They are found of many brands and prices, in a top coat format,  droplets or fast dry spray. Especially if you have a habit to dedicate the evening to your manicure routine, you will appreciate that these products thoroughly dry the nail polish before you go to bed! Texture of the pillow hopelessly imprinted on your nails? Never again!

5)    Always use gloves when doing housework or laundry by hand. I know it may seem too much, but doing so also protect your hands from aggressive agents in detergents, that are dangerous even to the skin of the hands. At first you will probably feel clumsy, but you will see that once your hands will be perfectly soft and dry during any chore, you won't be able to stop using them!

Enjoy your manicure and remember: your hands are our business card, take care of them!


Carlotta Stacchini – L'Esteta Risponde



Carlotta Stacchini2

How would I describe myself in a few words?

I am a very sociable and sunny person - a characteristic that often emerges from my articles –, I am positive and very determined.

Writing is my greatest passion and I take care of my blog since 2010 with extreme professionalism, a feature that I put in all the things I do.

I would love to have the chance to write for different websites, because it would be a great growth opportunity and because I find it very exciting to get to know new and different worlds.

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