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September and October are really hot months for makeup artists and hairdressers that deal with wedding services.

Many demands in a very short time, but the dream of every makeup artist and hairstylist is to be able to offer a perfect, fast and professional bridal service.

The "make-up case with legs", now used by beauty professionals worldwide, was invented by Cantoni almost twenty years ago.

And for twenty years, Cantoni has continued its resarch to create products that are more and more solid, durable and always equipped with the best technologies. Everthing guaranteed by its made in Italy quality.

Here's how to get a perfect wedding service with the help of a Cantoni professional makeup station:


makeup station for  bridal services1-      Speed = Time optimization

In order to provide a fast and efficient service, qualities that are much in demand in delicate moments such as the pre-wedding, you need to optimize time. The Cantoni trolleys are light and easy to carry anywhere, and with the unique telescopic legs inserted in the body of the case, they get open in a few seconds!


2-      Order = Space optimization

Often, makeup artists and hair stylists who work freelance have a big problem: space. Where to put all my work tools? The Cantoni make-up cases, once opened, become a work plan that is perfect to have all the "tools of the trade" at hand. In addition, the trolleys are equipped with a power outlet right next to the mirror, ideal for attaching hair dryer and hair straightener, leaving the customer sitting comfortably in front of the station.


3-      Perfect lighting in any condition

The lights, you know, are the key to a good make-up. But, as many make-up artists have experienced, it is difficult to find a corner where there is the right lighting when at a customer's home. With the unique patented Cantoni I-light System, the best place to make your make-up session will be right in front of your Cantoni make-up trolley! Its exclusive lights, in fact, do not create shadows on the face and create a bright uniform lighting that does not produce heat.


Nat Valigia trucco sposa

4-      Strong materials and durability

The Cantoni make-up stations are entirely manufactured in Italy and are provide with durable, long lasting materials. The lights of the special I-light System are guaranteed for more than 100,000 hours of work: approximately 40 years of use!


5-      Professional image

Last but certainly not least, the professional image. The appearance, especially for beauty professionals, is crucial. Avoiding a sloppy image and an "amateur" look guarantees a return in terms of image that represents an added value to your work, that will not go unnoticed.


Working with a Cantoni make-up station saves you time and multiplies the opportunities to gain!
That's why a professional Cantoni is instantly recognizable.

Are you ready to become a Cantoni Pro?


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